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Thread: iPhone 3G - Greyed Out WiFi/Bluetooth, No Modem Firmware #

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    Quote Originally Posted by kra503 View Post
    The reason for all of the unique device identifiers being corrupted is the baseband chip on the logicboard has failed, more than likely it was during the jailbreak when attempting to flash in the Ipad baseband (6.15.00) I'm pretty sure of that because i've bricked 2 of my own this month and it wasnt until after going ahead with the baseband flash. I was able to downgrade the firmware from 4.3.5 down to 4.1 and jailbreak with Redsn0w (only installing Cydia) and i had absolutely no issues with either phone, in my area the Unlocked 3GS
    is stiil holding a decent resale value and i had a buyer lined up for my spare phone under the condition it was Unlocked so he could use it with T-Mobile. Because i was on 5.16.02 i had no choice but go up to unlock. I again used Redsn0w (the exact same versions that i downloaded well over a year ago and have used on a minimum of 20 devices without a single issue until this month) it seemed to identify the IPSW, patch the kernels, prepare and upload the ramdisk, EVERYTHING, as smooth as always. It finished up, re-booted, and i plugged it into Itunes 10 to activate, popped my AUTHENTIC AT&T sim card in and couldnt get it to stop searching for a signal. Went into settings and started seeing the grayed out and blank lines and i just knew that it was more serious than a bad restore that could be corrected with Itunes and Tinyumbrella. So for anyone who wants to take a few minute to read a little more on the issue as well as see that someone is offering a legit fix to the problem go ahead and check this article out.
    No IMEI, No Bluetooth and No WiFI Error iPhone 3G/3GS is due to Bad BB Chip |
    Many thanks for your reply least I now know which part of the hardware is damaged, I will have a look at the link you posted, hopefully it will provide a picture of the exact location of the BB chip on the logic board.

    Just one small detail that is confusing me at the moment.....I did not upgrade to BB 6.15.00 via Redsn0w, I was trying to maintain Firmware 4.1 on BB 05.14.02, the 4.1 phone firmware loaded but as you know the BB firmware was history and doesn't show at all in the phone settings, so what other action that I have performed may have nuked the BB chip? is it definitely dead or can it be re-flashed?

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    I thought I'd post my results after trying the fix noted at the beginning of this thread. Itunes 7.6 wouldn't work for me...if I connect a 2G at 3.12 (redsnow 9.4) itunes tells me the iphone needs a newer version of itunes (8.2?). If I first put the phone into recovery mode, itunes gives me an error that it can't reach the software server and won't load the phone. I couldn't find any other way to load 1.1.4.
    I did get some things loaded via usb/cyder2 - but nothing that seemed to help.

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