Hello Everyone,
Recently 1 week ago, My wifi stopped working without any reason. Now it is connecting to the hot spot and full signal indication noticable;but there is no internet activity.
My 3gs is unlocked & jailbroken (3.1.2 & 5.11 ), I bought it used and the wifi wasn't detect anything at first, I installed Push fix & reset network setting and it was working fine.
Everytime I had to reboot the device for some application installation, I jailbreak using blakra1n , and do the the resetting again.

I re-installed the push fix again but also no internet activity.

but now the wifi detects & cannot bring any webpage or any activity. I am very frustrated since I cannot use cydia or other app. because my country operator charges me alot for using the 3g feature.
I am just a beginner in Iphone world, I read some articles which let me do the above process. Pls anyone can help me for it.
N.B. i tried to restart & reset the network setting many times but still not working.

The wifi router I connect to is having internet activity since i use my laptop accessing it.
thanks for reading me & sorry for making it long for you all.