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Thread: chrome housing affects iphone 3gs reception?

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    Default chrome housing affects iphone 3gs reception?
    I recently changed my iphone 3gs housing to chrome and lost about 2-3 bars. I changed it back to my regular housing and got my reception back. My question is the chrome finish is the cause of poor reception? and will making the housing thinner improve reception?

    I think I found part of my answer here in this youtube video. [ame=]YouTube - Case-Mate iPhone 3G Chrome case blocks wireless signal[/ame]

    Anyone has any ideas to improve the reception?
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    U should have taken it off and show us if it goes back up...

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    I just changed my housing to a chrome one (the whole housing not just a clip on cover) and now i can't get a gps signal at all and i can only get two bars on the phone signal and that's at best, its usually one bar or nothing.

    Well i just scratch all the chrome off and it's back to normal

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    Bee, how much of the chrome did you scratch off?

    i recently bought this case off of ebay. i put it on myself and got little to no cell service or gps service. i brought it to a pro near where i live in southern new jersey and he said that it could be the case, but it could also be the docking assembly.

    i had him swap out the dock stuff and got it back today and the reception is STILL garbage. GRRR!! :P

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    Hey were'd you get that slick case?
    The reception issues wont bother me as I don't use my 3G for phone anymore..
    As for your loss of reception, try putting a thin layer of something non conductive on the inside of the back panel, so it doesn't touch the ariel.. if you get what I mean

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    Sorry for late reply mate i ain't been on here for a while, i scraped it all off and my phones gone from beautiful and useless like a dumb blonde to ugly but does what it spose to like my frigging wife ,
    Thats the same case just red, I would put money on it being that case.

    The link takes you to the ebay ad and your asking where to get it from
    Also if your using a locked,cut off, ect phone as an ipod go for it they look sweet but if you want to make a call on it don't do it !
    As for putting something on the inside, it would not make any difference because the inside isn't chrome its plastic,

    The problem with these cases is that the chrome reflects the signal off from the outside and keeps it in on the inside.
    Like a little mini Faraday cage


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    it doesn't happen with me.

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