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Thread: GPS being very inaccurate

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    Default GPS being very inaccurate
    I've had my iphone 3gs for about a year. I use the maps applicataion with GPS about a couple times a month when im not really sure where im going.

    About a few days ago, I notice that my GPS is being super innaccurate now. I thought it might have something to do with the phone being jailbroken, so i restored it to 3.1.3. GPS is still doing the same thing.

    I use TOMTOM, NAVIGON, and the stock maps application. They all can find my GPS location when im stopped in my car, but when I actually start driving down the road, the the blue GPS dot on the map just remains at the same spot then jump about a half mile... or it will show im driving somewhere way off the road. This makes Navigon and TOMTOM basically impossible to use.

    I've never had this issue before, so im unsure weather theres some sort of problem with the GPS satellites, with ATT, with the 3.1.3 software, or with my phone itself.

    Anyone that has some useful information on this topic would be greatly appreciated.



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    just a bad gps signal most likely. It happens from time to time, the gps satalites are old as hell
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    and the gps satalites are gonna all die soon. learn your surroundings lol. gps will be dead within a decade or 2 completely with no way to "fix" the world wide issue. new statlites are gonna be a must
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    It's not the the GPS satalites. That was a stupid response. My guess is that your GPS Antenna in your iPhone is loose or went bad. I have an iPhone 3GS that has the same problem that you described. My wife's iPhone 3G's internal A-GPS works perfectly with TomTom or Navigon. So definately not the satelites.

    In case others are encountering the same issue with their internal GPS, I am posting my solution even though the original post is old. I hope it helps someone.

    I have an iPhone 3GS iOS 4.2.1 BB 05.13.04. My GPS worked perfectly for the longest time and then recently became very inaccurate or had trouble locking its position.

    What I did was to purchase an external Bluetooth GPS receiver and a program called "RoqyBT4" from Cydia. RogyBT4 is a Bluetooth Stack software that allows you to use a Bluetooth GPS receiver instead of the built-in internal GPS. It saved me from buying another iPhone. FYI, RoqyBT is for iOS 3.x and RoqyBT4 is for iOS 4.x. RoqyBT4 is compatible with Google maps, Navigon, TomTom and many other navigation software.

    There are two Bluetooth stack programs in Cydia that I am aware of called "RoqyBT/RoqyBt4" and "BTStack". Most people prefer RoqyBT over BTStack because RoqyBT allows you to pair your iPhone to your bluetooth GPS and pair your iPhone to your car for hands free calling.
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