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Thread: swirlyMMS2 and iPhone Messaging app incompatibilities?

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    Default swirlyMMS2 and iPhone Messaging app incompatibilities?
    I'm running IRealSMS 3.0 for sms and SwirlyMMS2 for MMS features I would really like to have, (for instance, instant MMS audio via microphone link, etc, etc). Anyways, I cant seem to send any video captured via the "capture" or saved video features of SwirlyMMS.

    Should I be able to send captured video from my iphone to the stock iphone MMS client? I have a jailbroken 3gs phone, and basically DONT use the built in Messaging app due to the fact that I use iRealSMS, because of this, I needed to get a MMS solution that was separate from the stock sms/mms app, plus I really need on the fly audio clip creation/attach to MMS features. So I bought swirlyMMS2. I have been attempting to send swirlyMMS2 MMS video's from my iPhone to my wifes iPhone, she gets the text but the video clip ( <- created by swirlyMMS2) is blocked or just not recognized on her device. I have been able to send audio clips with no issues, its just the video. When she sends me video clips, my swirlyMMS received the text and a name.3gp file that I can play, I can also turn around and re-send hte *.3gp video clip back to her. However when I use swirlyMMS to originate the video creation or a saved video clip, it "trims" the video and makes it a .mov, is this the issue?

    Is it a preference I can change? The fact that she gets my audio MMS's and even the text portion of my video MMS's leads me to believe that I have it configured correctly. Can someone confirm this incompatibility or is it something I am doing wrong.

    The exact message on her iPhone or any OEM MMS client utilizing iPhone:

    "One or more of the message components have been deleted by the MMS adaptation. Either the message was too large or the components were unsuitable for your terminal".

    To make sure its not size, I attempted with video I shot that was 2 seconds long, same issue. Plus I shot a 15 second video from the stock iphone, sent it to my iphone, and then re-forworded the video back to the original iphone through SwirlyMMS2, and the recipient could view it. So I know that I am sending correctly. For whatever reason, when swirlyMMS2 "trims the video" and changes it to a .mov is the issue I think. Can someone help?

    I've tried posting on the swirlyMMS forum, but the activity there seems just about dead since not many people are using the swirlynet these days.
    thank you in advance.
    much appreciated.


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    i get the feeling you can only send the mms created in SwirlyMMS to other iPhones that have SwirlyMMS installed,,,
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    Default SwirlyMMS2
    Nah, you can send to regular phones and iphones, in the non MMS days of the iphone, one could use a swirlymms to swirlymms (on the swirly network) and avoid paying any MMS charges, I guess outside of the United States costs of MMS can really go up, so thats where the birth of the app was from. But it can send to regular iphone mms recipients and other cell phones, its just that when you add video (be it shot on the fly or from your saved shots, for whatever reason, it seems to cleanup and trim the video, changing its extension to something that standard iphone MMS strips. Sending photos or audio works great still.

    Sure do wish the author would speak up, considering its a PAID application, at least a answer or something would be nice. Maybe someone will direct me to a location where I can ask those questions.

    Thanks though..


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    Question does this work with FW 3.1.3 with a 2G?

    Id happily pay the $12 for MMS =D

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