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Thread: iphone disabled for 239844839 minutes

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    Default iphone disabled for 239844839 minutes
    I've been reading up on this for quite sometime, and there were VERY few threads (that I could find) on here about this.

    Generally the most used answer is to DFU and restore. My question is--assuming the impossible hasn't happened and there is no way to bypass this screen and get back to the password screen or better yet, the homescreen-- is there any software that allows you to at least browse/access the files from inside the phone? Being that the phone in question is locked and wifi is not activated, I don't see how SSH is possible. But are there any programs (be they windows OR mac) that allow file access while the phone is in this state?

    Or, worst a full (and file-erasing) restore the ONLY option?

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    download ifunbox (google it) and plug in your device and run ifunbox
    hopefully you jailbroke, and hopefully you didnt use blackra1n

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    can't you connect to itunes and have it un-disabled? Or is this not your phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Imahottguy View Post
    can't you connect to itunes and have it un-disabled? Or is this not your phone?

    gf found it. sure i can restore and that's that.........but just think. what if it belongs to a hot chick who's taken some sexy photos of herself?

    or worse yet......naked pictures of her boyfriend? yeah....i think i'll go with restore

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    why not just return it to the owner?

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    eh dear, that will be getting barred shortly me thinks
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    Quote Originally Posted by lfc_ View Post
    why not just return it to the owner?

    I don't see how. It's a jailbroken 1st gen, so there's no telling if the serial is even linked to the right person. Plus, since it's locked i can't even do an activation-screen bypass (that i know of) or a password attempt. She and I both have our own 3Gs's so I've got no need for it.

    And if i restore and delete all the info, THEN how could I even locate an owner?

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    just wait for 239844839 minutes and check the contacts group lol nah i dont know. take out the sim card and bring it to the network its on, and they should be able to track the number to the person.. maybe

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    Before you decide to restore... Think about karma... =P

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