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Thread: I need to make Cydia rotate to landscape (or upside down)

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    Default I need to make Cydia rotate to landscape (or upside down)
    OK, first a little background. I bought a 2G iPhone off ebay, knowing full well that the digitizer is bad. The lower inch or so of the screen is unresponsive, but the slide to unlock box is JUST big enough to allow you to grab the very top edge of the knob and slide it. So I can get to the springboard. But no access to docked apps without launching them from spotlight search. So I figured, no problem, I'll just install SnowLock & Infiniboard, and SBOrganizer and move the apps from the dock to the springboard.

    Here is the issue that I never thought of. The toolbar in Cydia is on the bottom of the screen, so I can't access the search function (major blonde moment on my part). I was able to copy and edit the permissions for the necessary files for SnowLock from my 3G[S] via SSH, so there is no more swiping 20 times to get past the slide to unlock screen. But I still need access to the search function in Cydia, and the only options I can think of is to either make it respect the accelerometer, and rotate to landscape (or preferably upside down) when the phone is rotated. Or somehow move the toolbar up to in between the status bar and the main Cydia title bar.

    So my question is, does anybody out there have any idea how to accomplish either of these goals? If it matters, I am absolutely not afraid to experiment with my "new" 2G. I am going to replace the screen assembly after a while anyway. But I am leaving the country in the next few days, and I'm not sure one would get here from Hong Kong soon enough for me to have it in hand before I leave.

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    Not related to your question, but why not just order the digitizer from a US seller ( or whatever country you are in)

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    The only ones I can find on ebay are all in Hong Kong. The only other place I know is, but they are out of stock, and they charge about $100 or so more than the ones on ebay.

    Worst part is, a few months ago, I bought a broken 2G off ebay that came with a bunch of spare parts that I tried to get running again. No matter what I did, I couldn't get it working. So I gave up on it, and let a buddy at work take the screen out of it to try on his because his has the same issue mine has now. Dead lower portion of the digitizer. His phone is now fully functional. Oh well.

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    Well, you can always go through ssh. Cydia is simply a graphical front end for Apt. Just do some searching about commands such as "apt-get". It's a lot to cover since I am typing on my iPhone, but you can install any app (as long as it is not paid) through ssh and apt. OR you can get rock app. I believe their desktop client can install it, and it supports landscape mode. You can't simply force an app to go into landscape mode. They actually have to write it in the app. If you can get veency to install, then you can do vnc from pc to iPhone. A bit slow but it'll get you by until you purchase a new touch panel

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    ^^Yeah, all that sounds super great and stuff, except Infiniboard & SBOrganizer both cost money, so no just downloading the .deb and installing through SSH. That's why I was hoping to figure out a way to make Cydia behave how I want it to.

    HAHA...Rock. After that crap it just pulled with phones and ipods, there is no way in hell I am putting their desktop client on any of my computers.

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    @LOOi3...I am also having same problem, my iphone lower screen in is not responsing, so i can only access my phone number but cant dial a new number because i cant change lower tab contacts to keypad, so is there any alternative for that? please replay as fast as possible...thanks...

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