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  • Wait for the iPhone 3GS 3.1.3 jailbreak (Unknown Time Frame)

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  • Sell my iPhone 3GS Brick and buy a Google NexusOne

    11 31.43%
  • Sell my iPhone 3GS and DO NOT buy a Google NexusOne

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Thread: To Abandon iPhone 3GS For NexusOne

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    Arrow To Abandon iPhone 3GS For NexusOne

    I am writing to hear other peoples thoughts and feelings on the idea of abonding my iPhone 3Gs (paper weight) for a Google NexusOne.

    I see no point in explaining how it happens, but the reality is I have a new iPhone 3GS that is locked with 3.1.3 old bootrom and any time I try to install a custom IPSW I get the 1600 error. I have had the phone in my desk draw for a month now and continue to wait.

    For me technology is a tool and currently I waiting like many of you for a maybe, possible jailbreak that may or may not ever come. Most likely it will come but when, as iPhone OS 4 seems to be on hold for the iPad.

    So my question is why not just abandon the iPhone platform and move to Google NexusOne. I am looking for your comments to support or reject this idea.

    I will say I am an OpenSource supporter and make use of OpenOffice and other open source solutions.

    So what are some pros to stay with iPhone:
    1. Intergrates will with my OS X
    2. Is sexy
    3. over 100,00 Aps
    4. I already bouth many aps
    5. Has chinese language support which I use.
    6. is currently the industry leader

    What are some of the cons with staying with the iPhone:
    1. Chained to Apples servers if I want to make a change.
    2. Is limited to whatever Apple decides to approve for their "eco-system"
    3. Wasting my time and life waiting for the Jailbreak

    Pros for the NexusOne
    1. Is open souce
    2. Can multi task
    3. Can buyit and use it today
    4. reports i read say it is faster than the 3GS

    1. No native chinese input mode.
    2. 20,000 apps and growing.
    3. limite sync and intergratin with the Mac OS world

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    Why is this in member written news? Please post to correct forum, moved.

    PS- I use a 3G[s] as my personal phone and a Droid as my business phone...they are both great phones, however I couldnt give up the iphone for the droid....which is near what the nexus one will be, aside from a fast processor and memory...

    However, my droid is overclocked running at 1100mhz right now, as is still no faster than my iphone.

    Easier to hack, most certainly, open-source is great....Im just not completely sold.

    In the end it just depends on the person and his/her personal likes or dislikes.
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    haha this is iphone news?

    hahaa but an jailbreak and unlock mite come out when 3.2 or 4.0 comes out and that could be soon

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    I'll buy your 3gs, PM me

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    Or it could be later.

    Traditionally Apple shows off new iPhone OS in March for a June release and this has not happened to date. Reading I think that the iPad is taking away development time for the iPhone OS 3.2 and 4.0 so it is possible that they will be delayed past the expected June timeline as a result of the iPad.

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    Like I said in another thread... I bought a Nexus One for $560, loved it for about a month, went back to my iPhone just to see something, and ended up never going back. I am not an Apple fanboy at all, BTW. Had every version of the iPhone, but still... I will never experiment with Android again. The "app force close" issue was horrible and I got DAILY COMPLAINTS from people calling me and the phone going straight to voice mail. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE.

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    So not worth it. No matter how you look at it, iPhone=jailbreak=unlimited possibilities of amazingness.

    I would wait, seriously. iPhone has so much more potential to develop into something even better as if its not great enough already

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    I say go the Nexus One route, and give me your 3G[S]. I'll give it a really good home

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    One of the consultants we have in the office this week has a Nexus One. I got to mess with it for a few hours yesterday. It's a sweet phone.

    Now, this is with limited time on it ~ 4 hours. (I do have a Droid too though, so I am familiar with the Andriod phones).

    iPhone with Untethered Jailbreak (and restorable to a jailbreakable firmware) > Nexus One.

    Nexus One > iPhone on Stock firmware with no jailbreak options. Let's face it, stock iPhones suck. Bad. To me ANY open platform phone is > stock iPhone.

    So I guess it depends on how much you need the phone working NOW! If I did not need the phone, I would just chill and wait for the jailbreak. If I needed a working phone now, I would move to the Nexus One.

    Again, just my opinion. I am not a apple "fangirl", nor am I an Andriod "fangirl". I am a phone that does what I want and need it to do "fangirl"!!!

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    I bought a nexus one and used it for a few days and promptly sent it back.

    Keyboard input was terrible compared to my iphone and the lack of copy and paste just killed it.

    Screen was stunning but the camera was pretty dismal and video recording was also pretty bad!

    I've had many smartphones in the past and whilst I'm not an apple fanatic, iphone is still the best user experience.

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    lucky for u the 3.1.3 jailbreak comes out tomorrow
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    Not from what I have read. Still a wait and see game. oh

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    id just wait to see how the new iphone turns out. otherwise android here i come. really wish the moterola droid would hurry up and get to att
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    You really dont want the droid over the iphone. I have both and still wouldnt give up my iphone for anything.

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    I have both, iPhone 3GS and n Nexus One, Nexus One with the new Andriod 2.2 Froyo Update is awsome! its no more laggy! and its screen and the UI is just awsome! and for iPhone, iPhone just has too many apps that its Plus Point other than that N-One has like a very good camera and its just too user friendly.

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    The touch sensitivity on the n one isn't any where near as good as the iPhone. I'm just missing good old fashion buttons. But that iPhone HD is looking sweeter and sweeter everyday. I may get one and use my 3g untill it's jailbroken and unlocked

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