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Thread: Tap an icon, it only highlights

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    Default Tap an icon, it only highlights
    This has been happening fairly regularly. I have been trying to remove as many mobile substrate plugins "as I can afford to be without."

    Icons only are highlighting until I go back to the lockscreen, slide to unlock and then press it. Yet another thing going wrong is that there seems to be a spinning wheel most of the time when I start the phone up or reboot.

    I'm on a jailbroken iPhone 3G with 3.1.2. I'm using Crash Reporter (from Cydia) and it has been reporting a lot of SpringBoard crashes, but only are accompanied by tertiary suspects, all of which I have removed, infinidock.dylib, IBNAccess.dylib, and surprisingly Notifier. If anyone wants to check out these crashlogs or believe they would be helpful, let me know.

    Any insight? Thanks!

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    ive had the highlight instead of opening problem. its more of a thing that your getting into the springboard without unlocking the phone first whenever you turn it on. right?
    well i got this problem from installing (something called, similar too this.. dont quite remember the name) extreme preferences or extended preferences. something like that

    anyway, its way buggy, but a fix is to either, if you have it installed then go to the option that said "ask for password on respring" and that will fix your problem. orrr uninstall the app, restart phone, go to settings > general > restore ALL settings. problem should be fixed

    if you didnt install that app, then just try restore ALL settings and see what happens

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    Thanks, it was Supreme Preferences 3.0 (beta)

    Horrible settings, this wreaked other havoc for a while and has been uninstalled for quite sometime, but that started to bother me lately.

    Found the fix at [ame=]Lockscreen issue on reboot + autolock not working - Mac Forums[/ame]

    Hope this helps others.

    Avoid Supreme Preferences like the plague...

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