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Thread: Enable/Disable Manual sync directly on iphone?

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    Default Enable/Disable Manual sync directly on iphone?
    Is there any app or way to switch between manual an auto sync directly on iphone. For that matter shouldn't there be a way to control all the itunes settings that get stored on the phone. I was hoping for a jailbreak app where I could turn these off and on from the phone. The reason I ask is i would like to listen to music and videos on another computer without having to sync or transfer the data. I found that when the iphone is in manual mode that I can do this from itunes on any computer. But the main computer I sync with I like to have it set to autosync. So I was hoping for a jailbreak app that handles changing these setting from the phone. or even using mobile terminal if I have to. I just don't know where any of this info is stored. Thanks.

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    I haven't seen or heard of any app that allows you to do that, but there is an app that allows you to swap iTunes library so you can sync it to multiple computers and have both libraries on the iPhone, I believe it's called Swap Tunes or Swap Library.
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    If your home PC is the main unit go into itunes click on iPhone and set it to 'sync when connected' for any other PC that you may use just do the same but untick sync when connected,,,,, thats it for now
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    Thanks for the replys but neither of those really help with what I'm trying to do. Which is not have to sync or transfer music on the second computer. I just want to listen to the music on the second comp or videos through iTunes like if it was in manual sync. But that doesn't work unless I'm in manual sync on all computers which I don't want. I was hoping that when I went to connect to the second comp I could set it to manual on the phone. But no such luck I guess.

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