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Thread: Is there ANY way to disable the mobile version of sites?

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    Default Is there ANY way to disable the mobile version of sites?
    Okay, heres the thing, the iPhone's dafault safari browser is great and all, but it irritates me so much when I need to access the desktop version of a website, but it automatically redirects me to the mobile version, which of course as you all know, never has anything thing on it that the normal site has. I download some new browser apps for the iphone but it was the same. Later, i found out about the UAFaker cydia app, which worked [sometimes], but I really dislike the safari app. And it doesn't work on any other browser app. Is there a way to change it so that the iphone can view the normal version of sites all the time, or make it so that the uafaker app works with the other internet browser apps?

    any help much appreciated.

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    I don't think it works for other browsers but what browsers do you see better than MobileSafari?

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    there used to be a fix back in the 1.x.x days but it disappeared

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    Default UAFaker
    Theres a Cydia app called "UserAgent Faker" that will do that. It's an SB toggle that will let you turn on or off "mobile sites".

    Sorry all I read was the title.
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    well i have this browser called perfect web browser or perfect browser or something like that and it's really good. but UAFaker doesn't work with it.

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