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Thread: Formatting PC, but not my iPhone

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    Default Formatting PC, but not my iPhone
    I have Vista on my PC and it's been screwing horribly lately, so I will take the chance to upgrade my hard drive and install windows 7RTM. The thing is, I want to avoid deleting everything on my iPhone (2G 2.2.1), I know that the new OS and new iTunes library ID will treat my phone as a total stranger, thus prompting me to blank it. What I want to know, is there any way to sync my iPhone casually (I manage my media manually though) like I used to without overwriting everything? and if there is not, will that overwriting process leave my iPhone un-jailbroken and carrier-locked? because I'm in south america, a place where the 2G iPhone was never sold (only 3G and 3GS) so I NEED to unlock it... and to make it worse, as of today windows users can only jailbreak OS 3.1.2 but NOT unlock so upgrading firmware is absolutely out of the question (for now). That's about it, if anyone can help me with this I'll be most grateful.

    note: I know there are similar posts around, but not every case has the same solution.

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    No it wont recongnize it as a stranger. I manage my iPhone on my Compaq laptop and my custom built desktop. It was originally synced for the Laptop, and i use it all the time without deleteing. I think you just have to tell iTunes to authorize the new machine.

    I honestly think your worrying a bit to much about the data being gone. Even if it is gone, It's not that big of a deal.

    I don't use AT&T or the iPhone carrier and i was able to jailbreak it just fine.

    I say upgrade to 3.0, It's pretty much the latest firmware you can get in my opinion.

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    thanks! and yes I have another question: I know I can jailbreak and unlock 3.0 on the 2G (windows) and in iClarified theres a reliable database of every single firmware of the iPhone, so I wan to know, can I use one of them to upgrade to 3.0 and NOT to 3.1.2? if I can do that then my worries are over . Thanks again!

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