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Thread: Tired Of Apples Touches*

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    I have been using the Original ipod touch and Original iphone since their debuts back in 2007. i have been a loyal customer to the apple company way before that with the collections a computers i have bought from them. personaly i love apple OS and have no complaints about that.

    What i will complain about is the lack of difference in there iphone and ipod touch lines. lets make a list here.

    * Only one Color to choose from for ipod touch, and two to choose from for the iphone

    I mean how hard is it to slap some new paint on the back of them. hell. they base their other products off different colors, why not the touch* family? (*touch family referring to iphone and ipod touch)

    * Lack of themes

    No body likes looking at a black background when viewing their Touches*
    Yes you can jailbreak them and get winter board, (or summer board for us classic users) which gives you soooo many more options and apple should look into this. they would make a killing on the app store if they allowed this. but my point is even after downloading countless themes, they are ALL THE SAME IN THE END! little icons that when you view them for hours on end. (like i do) they hurt your eyes and you get annoyed with them. true for some of you that are going to get annoyed if i dont mention INav Theme that makes them large is different, but that involves way to much configuration and moving of apps for me. if you have over 70 apps/ games NOT including third party applications like me, then you would understand. and putting them in folders means i don't see them as often and i end up using them less. which i hate doing. Long story short. need a new way to view apps or at least more options. not just the same view EVERY SINGLE TIME!
    (Noted: i have not yet tried the cydia app pin wheel but it looks promising. its a start at least)

    * Apple Application Processing

    I could go on for pages about this but to keep you from bordem, IT SUCKS

    * One Way view

    Why does the Touches* only have a vertical view for apps. They implemented the transition on rotation for the cover albums, why not the spring board its self? this would be fun, new, and add a lot of new functionality to the devices as well.

    * Keeping Hardware on the DL

    One thing that drives me crazy about apple is installing hardware that makes the device GREAT! and then leaving it out of the software updates for eons until they finally want to release it to the public. like the implication of blue tooth. this has been capable for a while now and they just got around to releasing it in the software updates and allowing us the users to exploit it in applications and other miscellaneous stuff. This is bothersome to me. They still have yet to release FM for the Touches* even though almost all of them (excluding the old models) have the capability's. unbelievable Apple.

    * Payment for updates (Ipod touches)

    What? because they don't have to pay an outrageous amount of money each month to keep cellular service, they have to pay for a update from the current version to the next one? (ex: 2.x.x to 3.x.x) What is the point of this?? Iphone users don't have to do this? is there something wrong with getting a Ipod touch Apple? Then why release the product? just sell iphones if Ipod touches are not good enough. If its about the implement of software changes between the two, THERE ARE NONE! Ive been through my filmware thousands of times. There are trades of Camera files, bluetooth files on the Original, (back when only Iphones had blue tooth), and yes, even files that said Iphone ON THEM! there is no difference just the fact that you remove the baseband installment and phone apps (which are still present just hidden)

    This list could keep going on but i think i made my point. Dont get me wrong, I love Apple and my devices from them. but i wish that they implement a little bit more of what the consumer wants and a little less of how much profile they can make this year if they add one little physical update to get old users to buy another. (greatly disappointed by this years update) And if apple wants the Ipod Touch for everyone, then why not fix the problems your loyal customers asking in the first place so you don't lose the old ones.
    i really doubt that a person thats never used one will care to much if they have the ability to take a picture. but a old one would.

    To end it, i have become bored with my devices. They have become old with there typical layouts and same never ending apps that repeat them selfs. Please fix them up. No body likes looking at the same thing for 3 years. its time for some major changes.

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    to keep my answer short:
    1) Since the iphone is supposed to be a buisness thing and the ipod touch is basically the same, they kept the ipod line simple. they could add some color, but whatever, black rulez

    2) I disagree. background images on the springboard make the UI look unclean, hard to look at ... it wouldn't be apples style

    3) yeah

    4) disagree again, I like how they kept it simple. you don't have to add landscape view to every shitty app when it makes no sense, especially not to something global like the springboard

    5) yeah, sucks

    6) yep, apple is greedy, it sucks but what you gonna do? everyone with an ipod touch is gonna pay ...

    that was as short as possible

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