Hi All

I have a 3GS phone with software 3.1.2.
It was 3.0 jailbreaked and I decided to update it. I made a backup in iTunes and then started the update. It wiped my phone, but the update was done. Then I jailbreaked it with blackra1n and everything worked. Next I installed Cydia and AptBackup. There I hit restore and it did so. After some minutes it rebooted and turned right off again.
Ok, put it into DFU mode and completely restored it. I discovered than, that only 75 of my 230 pictures in the camera roll have been restored.
I retried the restore a few times more, but no change.
A view into the backup files showed me that all images were still there (some of the .mddata files).
So, do you know of some restore problems?
I have the most recent itunes and iphone OS.
Computer is running Windows XP or Windows 7 (tried both).

Any idea how I could get my pictures (and also videos) back into the camera roll?