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Thread: Ohhhh Shiiittt

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    Well, I got an iPhone 2G, and updated it to 3.1.2, it currently has ATT, but not a SIM card designed for the iPhone particularly. It was unlocked, and the warning said I shouldn't update with iTunes if I have a 3G or 3GS since it would get locked again, so I just proceeded with my 2G. Then, I update successfully, jailbreak, and now, it's in the Slide for Emergency screen. iTunes wants me to add on a 20 dollar data plan onto the iPhone, or else it won't activate it. Then I realized that the 20 dollar iPhone data plan has unlimited data plan and 200 texts included in it, and my current non-iPhone data plan is a 15 dollar data plan plus a 5 dollar texting plan for 200 texts. For those of you capable of some mathematics without the use of a calculator, you can see it's basically the same cost, which I didn't know at the start, and I'm not sure how nice AT&T is to help me replace one with another for free.

    Aaannnyyways, based on what I heard about ATT, they're some *** people in there, and I might have to stay with my current iPhone state. How would I unlock/downgrade my iPhone? I cannot restore the iPhone to a lower firmware, nor can I find any software to unlock the 2G with 3.1.2. Any idea how to fix the broken iPhone, or just give me some advice to ask AT&T to help me with my ****?

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    sooo here we go:
    Problem is that you need to activate it, and there isn't a tool to do so on 3.1.2 currently. BUT with a 2G you can downgrade with no problems.
    download the firmware you want from the download section at MMi, then downgrade by shift+clicking (win) or alt+clicking (mac) on the restore button in itunes, then selecting your firmware.

    if you have access to a mac, create a custom 3.1 firmware via pwnagetool and restore to that. if you only have windows, restore to 3.0 then use redsn0w to activate and jailbreak it and then install ultrasn0w to unlock it.

    and there ya go :-)

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    Won't let me restore =0. Cannot Restore iPhone for unknown error or w/e.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yahoowizard View Post
    Won't let me restore =0. Cannot Restore iPhone for unknown error or w/e.
    then you either have a hardware problem (cable / usb port / iphone) or a faulty firmware. cause it SHOULD work

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    Alright, they let me replace it. It's all good now. Thanks a lot for all the help, but yeah, no charges or anything, easy replacement.

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