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Thread: How to fix??

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    Default How to fix??
    Annoying problems with my iPhone 3gs 3.1fw

    Got a few problems i would like a fix for. Is there a fix, ill post the fix under the problem.
    So others can find it faster. at the sime time, i raely don't know what to name this problems/bugs.

    Problem 1: On Wifi i can't realy download anything from Cydia or Rock. Allways times out.
    And if browsing in safari and gonna load a picture or something, this will 90% times out atleast 4 times before i comes.

    Fix: No clue so far!!

    Problem 2: On iTunes you can now as we all know, fix your icons and all.
    But when i use this 5row tweaks, my phone get messed everytime i plug it.
    So either i cant plug phone, or i can plug my phone and then have rearrange the icones every freaking time!

    Fix: Tested and works. If you have this Problem. Use SpringBAck. Back up by pressing ALL. When or after itunes have messed up your phone, just hit restore and all those blanks and everything, will be back to the way you love it!

    Problem 3: kinda goes with problem 2. Everytime i plug, i have to "check" for sync apps.
    Which is okey. The annoying part of it, is that i have to reselect all those apps i like to install ( well keep is more like it, since itunes will delete whatever i didn't select )

    Fix: ???

    Problem 4:Now i got a new problem.

    Did some searching, and ive gotta say nothing realy helped me out.

    here is screenie of my homepage at the iphone. How can i change those arrows to lets a gameicon, app icon, photo icon, setting icon and a WWW icon??? oh, 0 is home so i need a home icon too....

    Can someone pls tell me how i do this from the very beginning?

    Fix: Found it. all by my self. Took me forever to look trough all the files in SSH. But this is how you do it.

    In SSH go here " /private/var/stash/Applications.tPXLNh/ " Change the png file there to the icon you like. Do this on shortcut_1 and all the way ... like me i changed 0 1 2 3 4 5 since that is those i use. GOOD LUCK

    Problem 5: My freaking MMS is gone... ;S;S;S no clue when this happened. but i noticed yesterday. How in bloody H##L this happen??


    Thanks for help.

    EDITED: just made the post a bit easier to read or better.. whatever
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    Quote Originally Posted by bamoozle View Post
    Hey fellas.
    Just use the perfect Jb Blackra1n. And im so happy that there is no words. THANKS geo!

    Anyways, now i have run into some "problems" i dont know how to fix, or even what to call them! So here we go-

    First. When i run iTunes, and want to sync apps. Everytime i have to check the sync box, and select those apps i like to install or remove. Before, i didnt have to do this. Made sence?? not so good to explain, but hope you got it!

    Second problem is major. Now as iTunes can orginize icons on your phone which is real great, i got a new problem.
    I use this fivedocks and fiverow adds from cydia.
    Seems like Itunes cant handle this and messes up icons.

    Any fix for this??

    EDIT: just like to add. When im on WiFi. My phone got problems with loading websites and even downloading from cydia. Anyone got some tis for me here??

    And when you instal cydia with blackrain, you can use something called rock and icy too. Can you use this with cydia?

    End of EDIT:

    Thanks for reading and trying to help!

    everyones having different problems whether its blackra1n issues, carrier update issues or 3.1.2 conflict issues. its allll apples fault lol

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    hahaha nice answere there lol. funny

    But does anyone have some fixes for them??

    Anyone?? this things realy bugging me... Some expert help would be real nice. Non of my friends got the brains for iphone :S
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