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Thread: Simple Question Needs Simple Answer!

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    Default Simple Question Needs Simple Answer!
    I've posted asking about JB'ing an ATT 3G with 3.1. I've got a lot of replies, but then I get the "you don't need to JB to tether."

    So simple question: Can I tether my laptop to my iPhone? If so how?

    Thank you. (Just trying to get unconfused)

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    If you have 3.1, you need to jailbreak. That's what I said in your OTHER thread.

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    Simtech: I really appreciate your help, honest I do. However, when I started to look for JB'ing 3.1 there are mixed comments. Seems bottomline for 3.1 is that the JB program has not been released yet. So I just need to know if this is true. If it is, I just need to wait until a JB method is released.

    Thank you again.

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    You can jailbreak 3g 3.1 I think you need to downgrade first, because 3.1 has an updated baseband, so downgrade to 3.0 or 3.0.1 and download a custom fw 3.1 (or make one on mac w/ pwnage)from this site, look for the forums and follow directions, search the site and you will find you answer.

    heres the link
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    no, you don't need to downgrade to JB 3.1. yes, you can JB 3.1. and yes, you can tether without a JB IF your carrier allows that. afaik, no official iphone carrier allows it so far.

    on 3.1, you cannot tether at all, even with a jailbreak. on 3.0, you can tether without a jailbreak by simply installing an update carrier profile from (you have to visit that page from your phone, then search the mobileconfig for your carrier, and there you go)

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