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Thread: Is this 2g battery life decent?

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    Default Is this 2g battery life decent?
    My phone is only a few months old, a replacement I received under AppleCare. Battery life seems a little worse since updating to 3.1, so I started paying attention. Ran it down all the way and charged up all the way over the past week. The following (5 hours of usage + 13 hours of standby right when I hit 20% remaining) mostly involved checking email and reading articles in NYTimes, GoodReader, and Evernote. I also checked Twitter a few times. WiFi, Edge and location services were all on. Push was off, and I set email to check my four accounts every 30 minutes. I didn't play music or video or streaming media.

    Is this good battery life or should I look into having my battery replaced? Thanks!

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    You're good, no worries.
    I always feel sorry for the guy in the iPhone commercials. He always gets a call right in the middle of trying to do something

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    ?? good?? well it can be better try turning off wifi, notifications and push.. turn your brightness down and turn off your vibration...after all this turn it completely off and turn it back on ..

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    Sounds good. Thanks! I suppose I'll never understand those people who boast of going more than a day without charging their phones.

    Notifications were off, push was off, brightness was at 10%, vibration and all sounds were off too.
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    for a 2G, this is pretty good. I get similair results and I have a 3GS, which is supposed to have better battery life than the 2G (then again, I do have push turned on). In the end, I'd say what you get is ok.

    Always remember that internet is the battery killer #1. As long as the phone lasts through the day I'm happy

    oh and btw: vibration or sounds isn't a big battery killer, you really don't have to turn that stuff off. as for brightness ... there was a time when I had it at about 10% to save battery, but it actually doesn't make that big of a difference if it's 10% or 25%, and I find 25% to be much better.

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    Thanks everyone. I might try downgrading to 3.0 to see if I notice a difference. The phone went for about 4:50 today with about 1:30 of iPod use, 30 minutes of streaming and the rest spent on email.

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    try turning push on and off again.. and restart the phone.. then let it drain and charge it up over night

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