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Thread: Help!!!!!

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    Question Help!!!!!
    Hi I really hope someone can help me,
    I have an iphone 3gs and I am wanting to run my outlook express email from it as thats the one I need for work. What I need to know is:
    Can I run my outlook express account from the iphone and sync it so that my iphone and my pc run in conjuction with each other?
    And in doing so does it need to be a mobile account like gmobile mail ect, or can I just access my inbox via my iphone and use it that way?
    Also does the iphone 3gs have the ability to open excel spreadsheets via an email just read only will do as long as I can see it.
    I have had so much conflicting information from various sites some say yes some say no, but none have given me a laymans explanation.
    Hope you get what I mean?? .....

    If by some wonderful twist of fait I can run express how do I sync it?


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    wow, you really need to clarify some stuff here.

    1) there is no such thing as an outlook express mail outlook express is just the program you use to receive your mail. you need to know who your email provider is, in order to answer these questions. for example if you have google mail than, yes, your account on your iphone and on your pc will always be synced. but there are other providers where this isn't possible. best thing to do is: just set up your mail account on the iphone. then send an email to yourself and read it on the iphone. if it automatically becomes read on your pc as well, then you have an account that is capable of IMAP, which means your phone and pc are always synced. if the mail is unread on your pc after a little while, then you only have POP3, which means that you get a copy of the mail on your pc and a copy of the mail on your iphone. if you read it on the iphone, it will still be unread on your pc then.

    2) yeah, mail does open excel files

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    Hi and thanks for responding,

    I am SOOOO confused!!!

    I have email accounts on my Iphone google, yahoo and Karoo (local dont ask) BUT, Whenever I email the spreadsheets I need from my laptop to my iphone it says requires outlook express???
    Now I have had my laptop for many a moon and it has never said anything of the sort before.
    What I need to be able to do because I work on site but away from my laptop is.... recieve spreadsheets sent to me from head office, view them, then when i get to my laptop edit them and return them via an attachment in an email.

    I have realised much to my dissapointment that I cannot send a spreadsheet as an attachment in a n email from my iphone.
    (was totaly gutted as this was one of the mail reasons I got the phone in the first placeand I was advised that with certain apps I could, but I cannot)

    Any more advise for this poor techno impecile will be greatly recieved........thanks

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