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Thread: Iphone unlock question 3.1 05.09

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    Default Iphone unlock question 3.1 05.09
    Hi chaps..

    I have recently brought a new iphone 3g 16gb with the latest firmware on it.. (not realising that it can't be unlocked with the baseband 05.09)

    Now I am in 2 minds if to sell it as I am on orange (UK) and it's locked to 02.

    This might sound a bit of a stupid comment but Apple must be in the process of releasing the firmware fo the other networks (As the iphone is coming out on orange any time now)..

    Other than that. I know that orange have got the iphone in france... can we not download the firmware from their? allowing it to work on the orange network in the UK?

    I don't really want to sell the phone as I love the iphone but It's now o no use to me and no one can tell me when there will be an unlock available..

    Any help please

    Thanks in advance

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    sounds interesting...

    Maybe try using a proxy from france, and try restoring the phone.. would it work? i have no idea...
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    I have downloaded the french version of itunes onto my laptop (from and just doing a restore now...

    This could be interesting.... or I might be back to step 1...

    I have restored it and it dosn't make any diffrence.. (Still locks it to 02)

    I'm sure that there must be away doing this using the itunes update from france (or another country that unlocks the iphone to all networks)

    Can someone give me any ideas???

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    Enable roaming?
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    No Mate.... That didn't do anything....

    I have now emailed Apple and told them that my father lives in France and has brought me an iphone (Sim free on the Orange network) and asked them for some support on this working on orange in the UK..

    Let's see if they respond!!!

    I have also just been looking at this website: iPhone Unlock UK - 1 Click, 2min iPhone 3G/3GS Software Unlock guaranteed

    They say that they can unlock any Iphone (Regardless of the baseband)...

    I have read some comments on these and some are good and some are bad...

    Now, On the positive side... I only live about 20 mins away from them, and instead of paying online, I will go their and only pay if they can do it.

    Any comments or sugestions???

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