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Thread: iTunes 9 Springboard layout feature / Five Icon Dock issues issues...

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    Question iTunes 9 Springboard layout feature / Five Icon Dock issues issues...

    Is it possible to disable the new feature in iTunes 9 for arranging Applications on your Springboard.

    This causes a number of issues.

    If you're using the Five Icon Dock app from cydia (allows you to place 5 icons in your iPhone dock), every time you sync with iTunes 9 it removes the 5th icon from your Springboard's dock.

    Also, if you're using Categories cydia app, the apps you have placed in a Category folder still appear as if they're on your Springboard in iTunes 9 as well. This also mucks up your iPhone's Springboard each time you sync.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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    a few people have mentioned their five icon dock isn't affected by iTunes 9 sync.

    ARE YOU using five icon dock with 3.1 & iTunes 9? is it messing up your springboard layout each time you sync? i want to hear from you, thanks. <3

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    lol that's what he just said, yes it does.

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    same here. only i have 5 icon dock with the 5 row and 5 column cydia apps. IT ROCKS!! only i have the issue with itunes and the syncing of the apps. i have 3.1.2 and the latest itunes and i MADE IT RAIN!! :P

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    I am having the same problem.....I put all my apps and JB apps where I want them, then when I sync with itunes it moves them all!!!!

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    Same problem here. A fix for this so i can start using iTunes again..
    Wait.. who the F needs itunes?

    But a fix would be nice anyway!

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    I also have this problem, does somebody have a solution?

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    If you turn off the app sync, then it doesn't move them at all

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    Default Five rows/icons/colums versus iTunes 9
    I wanted the new app-management features of iTunes 9, but I enjoyed 5-column springboard and five-icon dock. I had to choose app management or the fives. For now, I've chosen iTunes and given up on the extra columns/icons. (I refuse to do clumsy workarounds.)

    Somebody needs to write a standalone app on the PC (and Mac) that is a MUCH more powerful version of the iTunes feature, with 5-row, 5-column, and 5-icon features built in. It would also let you see all your screens at once and move icons around among them better, let you see more info about each app, let you customize each app's name and/or icon, etc. Let's leave iTunes for media and have a powerful dedicated tool for apps!

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    I have found that using 5 row/column (anything except the standard 4x4 format) wreaks havoc on itunes Application Organizer. It will sync the apps but does scramble the icons. Another problem I found was that the sync Applications selections do not save and you have to reselect each program every time you open iTunes and want to sync the apps. I don't use the Organizer but having to select the apps everytime I sync is a pain in the *!*. What I do is the following:

    1. Disable 5 Row in the Mobile Substrate Addon BEFORE I connect to iTunes.
    2. Sync the apps.
    3. Reenable 5 Row in the Mobile Substrate Addon.
    4. Use SpringBack to put everything back where it was.

    Takes less than 1 minute.

    Anyone who hasn't used SpringBack, it is a real lifesaver. Makes a backup of all springboard pages, allowing a single click to restore.

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    Do you have to have the 3.1.2 on your phone to use the iTunes Springboard layout?

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