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Thread: iPhoneVM (OS 3.X)

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    Default iPhoneVM (OS 3.X)
    What is this for or what does it do?? I just found it in cydia right now but it's in a different language so I don't understand it. The description says
    "Questo Tweak aumenta la RAM a disposione del tuo dispositivo creando un file di swap di 256MB!! Non ha icona nč Impostazioni, installa il Tweak ed effettua un reboot!"

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    If you dont speak spanish you arent going to want it
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    there is some concept called Google Translate and Babelfish

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    This app creates a swapfile on your var/ which gives the iPhone more (but less fast) memory meaning you can background more tasks.
    I am using it and can vouch that it works but it does have it's hiccups. SBSettings Free Memory feature was never designed for this and does not play too nicely, SatNav apps are really not a fan
    of this mod and running from the much slower virtual ram from Var/

    All in all it is a clever mod, not exactly new tech as pagefiles have been around for ages, even the nokia N95 got given a pagefile to boost performance via an official software update.

    This is reversable so by all means have a go, I like it so far, 69mb of free ram on boot with loads of mobile substrates running and on a 3G with 3.1

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    I made a post with instructions and a download link, but I dunno where it is. Easy to install with "terminal".

    Edit: link

    Download, ssh to: var/mobile
    load terminal, enter:
    dpkg -i iphoneVM.deb

    when done install... REBOOT phone/iPod touch

    Also, goto cydia and install : memtool , as sbsetting freememory won't do it's thing if u got 48MB of free memory, but memtool gives me 85MB.
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    I just found some random posts about this, too. I haven't given it a try yet as the place the other sites say to get it from is a French repo that's packed full of pirated apps. No real documentation anywhere that I've seen saying exactly what it does. Hard for me to trust. Since iPhoneOS is most likely not designed around using pagefiles, I wonder how well it really works. Is it just a basic swapfile with no 'smarts'? Is it smart enough to keep only apps with little activity in swap? If not, does it thrash the flash memory? Any battery issues?

    smeeshum: what kinda issues did you notice with SatNav apps? Just slower?

    I don't expect anybody to have answers to most of this. Just my concerns.

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