Hi all,

I am not sure if anyone else is having this problem with their jailbroken iPhone, but when I open the iTunes app, I cannot download files from iTunes directly from my phone. I can view the categories, but everytime I select one of them, there appears to be a gray bar with some kind of black mark at the end of it on each page I select. It all started when I upgraded to 3.0 and I thought the problem would be fixed when I upgraded the firmware. However, it still does the same thing. The only way I can retrieve my iTunes downloads is by downloading the files from iTunes on my imac and then syncing my iphone.

Does anyone know how I can fix this without re-jailbreaking? I have spent a lot of time customizing my phone after the upgrade to 3.1 yesterday and don't want to have to rejailbreak for the fix. If you have any solutions, please feel free to post here. I would gladly appreciate it.