Ok, so i registered to post this on, because i had a problem i haven't found anywhere else.

Iphone 3G was in infinite loop cycle and didn't boot. Home + Sleep button did nothing... Iphone did charge but wasn't detected by itunes or a computer. So after a started waiting i realize phone was booting every 4 minutes or so, and i before it rebooted pushed down HOME and plugged it into the PC and it entered recovery mode!! I was just very happy... but it was only getting worse

Suddenly the iphone screen went off and it remained DEAD! Not a sign, buttons were useless, switching mute on and off while HOME + SLEEP did nothing! Charging stopped, 5 minutes holding HOME + SLEEP didnt work, i just had a nice piece of paper!

While reading stupid ideas on forums that said "Oh so your iphone is dead and unresponsive, hold down HOME and SLEEP" And i was like, really? IS NOT RESPONSIVE you riot!

Solution was, dissasemble the phone and Disconnect the battery for a while, reassembly and then when connected to PC it showed me the apple silver logo again!!!! I hope this helps someone who may think he has a brick on their desks...