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Thread: Music library is messed up

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    Default Music library is messed up
    After installing 3.1 on my 3G and jailbreaking it, my music library on my phone seems to be incorrectly organized. A picture would explain things better:

    As you can see, there are different songs with different artists but with the same album title. The album title for all those songs should be "Random". They used to be in the same album in 3.0 fw and lower versions as well. Also, those songs are also found in the same album once I hit any one of those albums. After updating it, my library becomes like so. I've just downloaded the latest version of itunes (9.0.1) and have sycned my phone but with no success. I have also Googled around and it seems I'm not the only one. No one has posted a solid fix. I am unsure if this problem is caused by itunes or fw. Does anyone know a solution to this issue?


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    errrr..... are all those songs supposed to be in chinese?

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    Yes those are actually artists name. No jumbled letters, just messed up categorization.

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    oh okay.

    well i get that a lot with my TV shows. i put them all as same name but some just refuse to go with the others.

    i suggest not wasting your time and just living with it. if they all appear as the same album while they're actually playing, then there's really no harm done. i never even use my album filter anyways, i only use artist, song, and playlist.

    it might even sort itself out after a few syncs. you never know. but i suggest you take the easy route, and not worry about it.

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    I will have to worry about it when I upload more and more songs with different artists but same albums. It'll lag my iphone and it'll make scrolling hellishly long..

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    not so sure if this would work..but give it a try.

    create a new playlist and sync that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SundayDuffer View Post
    not so sure if this would work..but give it a try.

    create a new playlist and sync that.
    You mean on itunes or on my iphone? I delete the songs with Random as album and reuploaded with same problem. I think you want me to do that so when I open my music app the library will update itself? I'll try what you suggested anyways.

    Edit: It did NOT work. Thanks for replying.
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