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Thread: Voice Memo issue?

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    Default Voice Memo issue?
    Ok so I was recording this 2 hour long lecture in class today with the Voice Memo app on my 3G.

    I paused it at the 1 hour mark due to a break in class, when I came back I resumed the recording

    When class was over it had recorded about 1 hour and 45 mins of lecture (according to the length on the voice memo), I even went into the folder and double checked to see if the voice memo was still there.

    I go out to my car and I go into the voice memo app again to listen to the lecture on the way home, and I see the recording but it says that the length is 0:00.

    Im kinda curious to see why it deleted my 2 hour long lecture recording, I am pretty pissed because it's not like I can go back and rerecord the thing.

    Is there a limit to what I can record? I didn't realize it could be so complicated to record :/

    Anyways thanks for any input

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    You have enough space for a file that big? That's not memo, that's a novel.

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    the class is 2.5 hours long, yeah i know it sucks lol

    well my other recording is 50 mins and it plays fine, i think its .5 mb per minute of recording
    so a 2 hour recording is 60 mbs

    i think i just overdid it so i might try 1 hour recordings next time

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    safest thing to do is to split it up into half-hour recordings. i don't know if you're allowed to stop and restart recording while in-class, but this way, you wont lose the whole lesson, you'll only lose 30 mins of it.

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    yeah i can stop and record a new memo, that is what ill do next time except ill do an hour cause my other memo is an hour long

    i just wasnt sure if it happened to anyone else :/

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    I'm on a 16G 3G jailbroken 3.0 and I have recorded entire class lectures with no problem. There's always a break so the longest I've done is probably an hour and a half, but there has never been a problem.

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