I have a question about the last update and either Cydia or Activate MMS. The first time I went on Cydia after the update, I did the "Complete" upgrade of Cydia, and after reboot I was stuck on the Apple Logo.
I then re-Pwned and only did the Necessary update, no probs. Then I wanted to install Activate MMS and after that reboot I was again stuck on the bl--dy Apple logo! Also this time when re-Pwned I got stuck on 1600.....
After I donīt know how many tries with this and that I finally red the post in "common problems after upgrading, itīs in General, I think, Cashno? said to go and delete a certain file, and it worked.

Iīm now up and running but just donīt want to go through all the re-organizing and syncing ONE more time!
But I miss Cydia, do I dare to go there ever? Any one else had this?