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Thread: iPhone Buttons Malfunction

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    Default iPhone Buttons Malfunction
    For a while now, my iPhone ha been having problems with buttons, but recently the problem has gotten nearly unbearable. It started after a light drop, when a press on the left front edge cause the sleep/wake switch to activate, putting the phone in sleep mode. However, if the pressure was removed the phone returned to its normal state. Now, even slight pressure on the left of the screen will activate the switch, and the power button occasionally gets "stuck" without me pressing it, acting like it is being held down and making it nearly impossible to unlock quickly. I am fairly sure this is a hardware problem but somehow a reboot sometimes helps the issue. Any ideas? I'm taking the phone to an Apple store this weekend in hopes that they might replace it on site. I'm running 3.0 on a jailbroken 3G.
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    If they find out it's Jailbroken, They won't do **** about it, They'll just tell you there's only a few limited options that you can do with the phone since you voided their warranty bla bla bla, I dobut it has anything to do to the firmware as you stated, But anyhow, Just do a clean restore before you take it there, Than you can run a backup of it later when you get home if they don't replace it. Overall, It's damage, I dobut they will replace it. You could maybe find some spare parts on eBay, But than again, I don't even think that's the greatest idea (Could work, Their very cheap if you can find what you need). Good luck!
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    If you can send it to me to take a look at.

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    Default Sam Issue
    So I've got the same issue with mine. Not sure of the original cause of it.

    It started whenever pressure would be put on any of the top quarter of the iPhone, the volume would go down until it was in vibrate.

    Just recently within the last few hours, it now will sleep/wake whenever any pressure is put on the top HALF of the iphone (when squeezing slightly on both sides, sometimes even a light tap on the top left of the touchscreen.

    Sounds like the same issue whaetever it is. Let me know what the Apple store says. Ill most likely try my luck with the apple support over the phone, you can usually get the phone customer service to make more exceptions than you can in stores.

    Also I tried updating to the newest firmware to no avail, its clearly hardware related, but mine was also jailbroken.

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    alright thanks guys im going to restore and see if I can find a nice person at the genius bar. Ive go a friend who had a different, more minor problem with his iPhone and they just replaced it, no questions asked, so I'm going to ask him what the guy looked like lol.
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    Any word on the apple store visit?

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