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Thread: Wifi issue!!

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    Unhappy Wifi issue!!
    Ok so i stopped into my local library today to connect to wifi!!! the network never showed up!! I tried typing it in and it said network not found!! So they called their IT guy who just happens to have an iphone 3GS!! He comes in and connects with no problem!! I power down my phone which is jailbroken and after powering up the network does show up but when i try to connect it tells me that it could not connect!! and then the network never showed up agin!! Now i can go down the street and access the network at DQ or subway or the local parks and rec!!! and have no issues!! does anyone have any suggestions? Thnx!!

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    which iphone do you have? my experience is that the 3GS has better wifi capabilities than previous iphones. so you were probably just not close enough to the router/repeater.

    oh and btw: ending every sentence with three exclamation marks kind of makes exclamation marks useless

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    It might be your phone. I have an appt today at he Apple store for that same issue (and green tint/faded looking screen). I downgraded to 3.01 thinking that would fix the issue but it didn't. I'll let you know what they say.

    I went and they restored my phone to original settings and WiFi still didn't work so I got a (another) replacement.
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    3.1 fixes a lot of the issues 3.0x had.
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    I agree that it fixed some issues and that even the Wifi is a bit better, as in more stable and connects/reconnects as it used to.
    BUT, the bl--dy signal is same weak as since 3.0. It wont pick up any networks further away than 10 meters (30 feet)where as before it would pick up 3-5 networks almost like the MacBook. Is it the Original phones...? Ive seen complaints from 3Gs and 3Gs though...

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    Mine had problems on 3.0x buty I get full signal on 3.1 where I used to get weak/no signal on 3.0x
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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