Ok many people have been asking this so I thought I'd just post this to help out Btw, some popular clients used for SSH are:
Windows- WinSCP, PuTTY, TotalCommander
Mac- CyberDuck, RBrowser, ACMS

1. Open your SSH client
2.(depending on what client your use)
Log in to your phone
User: root
Password: alpine
3. Navigate to:
4. You will see the folders: Applications, Include, Libexec, Pam, Ringtones, Share, &
Wallpaper. (they will have different extensions)
5. You can manage your files in the Ringtones, Themes, & Wallpapers folders.

Note: DO NOT mess with any of the files inside any folder other than the three I mentioned. Deleting anything else can mess up your cydia or other downloaded programs from jailbreaking. If you do delete anything inside there, you'll just have to restore. I am not responsible if you mess up your device by deleting something you weren't supposed to.

Hope this helps you people that are having trouble.
Btw I personally use TotalCommander + T-Pot plugin and it works great