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Thread: Increase In-Call Volume (Rocker Broken)

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    Default Increase In-Call Volume (Rocker Broken)
    I need help increasing the in call volume on my iphone and also disabling the volume rocker as well. My volume rocker is stuck where I can't adjust the volume and the in-call volume is stuck at about 25%. In anybody would know about creating a sb setting that could remedy the problem it would be greatly appreciated.

    I have already tried volume boost and the volume widget for sb settings and still have not experienced any changes.


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    pop the back off and fix the dang thing. It's eazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by one1 View Post
    pop the back off and fix the dang thing. It's eazy.
    I just wanna say that no, it's not.

    At least not in my case. I damn near bricked my phone.

    My sim card would not pop out with ease as it appeared to in the tutorial video. I dug at it forever with a razorblade and pushpin. I never could get it all the way off. As a result I have a lopsided Sim card that sticks out a little bit because the thin strip that makes up part of the exterior of your phone is separated now from the main body of the SIM card.

    Never could get it out, and now it looks like crap.

    And I still have the same exact problem as the original poster.

    I can't believe no one has come up with a solution to this problem yet, cause it's a big one, and appears to be quite common.

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    is it JAMMED or is it unresponding? if it's unresponding, cant you just use the one option thats on the screen when you're in a call?

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    Not jammed. I have the Curia app that disables the rocker anyway.

    However, there is no on-screen volume control in-call (I know, stupid on Apple's part, right?)

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