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Thread: Change the battery situation ?

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    Smile Change the battery situation ?
    Although I am in Australia and will not have access to the iPhone for some time and even though I desire iPhone greatly I have some concerns about this new toy.

    1. Will it be 3G capable when released in Australia ?

    2. The battery situation appears to be a money grabbing fiasco to me. You cannot change the battery yourself and must pay Apple to do so. In the process one loses all data on the phone as well as the phone for a period of time. Is this reasonable ? Is this practical ?
    Will this change with later releases of iPhone ?

    As much as I would love to own an iPhone these concerns are to say the least discouraging.
    At present I always have a spare charged battery for my Motto, can't do that with iPhone.
    One will have to have a spare phone if iPhone is to be lost to an Apple service center for some time eh ? Kind of defeats the purpose of a mobile phone to some degree.
    Loss of all data on the phone creates a lot of extra work and time for something supossedly technologically sound and NEW.
    Lot of negatives especially when I see the new Nokia series phones.
    Any thoughts on these issues ?
    BTW I DO NOT use Windoze !!

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    1. International releases WILL have 3G.
    2. The battery situation is fairly nil. Don't NEED to change the battery for a good long time. Its the same with the iPods. Most of my buddies have had an iPod for at LEAST a couple years and not had to replace the battery. By the time that comes about, you'll be into a new phone anyway, or you can pay $60 to have Apple put a new one in, which is only $10 or $20 more than what it would have cost to buy a new battery for your Motorola phone, which you would have had to do the same with by then.

    You don't lose any data - its all synced to your computer.

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