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Thread: Can you search for files on iphone?

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    Default Can you search for files on iphone?
    so on a computer you can access files on your computer from you browser.
    ex. file:///C:/Users/forgot2wipe/Documents/etc...
    is there anyway to do that on the iphone?

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    You can install MobileTerminal, which is basically like going into DOS.

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    i use a widget that i have saved to a file in my documents. i want to open it on the iphone.

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    use ifile if thats what your trying to do. its shareware. youll find it on cydia in featured packages or just search for it. as long as you know where the file is youll be able to navigate to it and do whatever you want. even edit it
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    i don't want to edit the file. the file is a widget for a website. so when i access it on my browser, it runs the widget. that's what i want to do.

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    then find it in ifile. click on it and select web viewer and you can test what it would look like on the iphone. is that what your going for? if its for your website what is it doing on an iphone?
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    i'm wondering if it would work. thanks for the advice. i'll try it.

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    if your testing if it will work with the iphone browser this can easily be done using ifile. i suggest if you intend to do any file manipulation on the phone you use ifile. its an amazing tool. with theming i use it all the time to test html widgets to make sure i got the positioning right. if not i simply use the text editor to correct it right on the phone. if you donate a few bucks you get the ability to zip which is pretty sweet. plus you can email files right from ifile. the dev is pretty cool too.
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    well i the widget doesn't work. its for websites and i can see it. maybe they will make a widget for the iphone.

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    what are you trying to do? if you want you can PM me and tell me whats going on so i may be able to help a little better. its kinda hard not really knowing what your end goal is.
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    You can install the "file:// schema" in Cydia to view local files in Safari by using "file://" as the disk drive.

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    How did I miss iFile? This is so cool.

    Thanks grasshoppa............ur Cricket

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    are you freakin serious!? i use ifile DAILY. you can talk to the dev too. hes way chill to talk to. ifile dominates. and i found out what hes trying to do. to sum it up he wants to take embedded flash code (or java) and make that usable on the iphone. im checking to see if its an flv or not. if its an flv we can usually make that work but java takes way more work and im yet to see it genuinely working
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    I haz fail

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    its ok buddy. god only knows how many things youve helped me with. end verdict on this thread btw. the widget can be recoded to be embedded within html using the existing js but thats a new project of its own
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    I am super digging this app though.....damn cant believe I never installed it before.

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    i told you it was amazing. i seriously do it daily. im working on a html notifier widget and i use ifile to get its positioning right. let me tell you something important though....cuz i know your gonna want to zip stuff up. if you want to zip you have to zip under mobile. its a permissions thing. it will be fixed in the next launch but yeah...just a heads up. also you can unrar with it and extract contents on spot. fyi. so you can download a theme from mmi or wherever and install it without ever hitting the PC. it works really well with attachment saver too. i suggest snagging that one up if you havent already.
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