I have an RSA SecurID hardware token & can connect to the company's IPsec VPN using the Cisco VPN client on my laptop.

I'd like to connect to the company VPN via my jailbroken iPhone 3G 3.0 so I created a VPN account on my iPhone.

I've filled in the Description, Server IP address & Account fields & have left the Password field blank so I'll be prompted for my PIN number & the number on the SecurID token.

We only use hardware tokens so "Use Certificate" is off.

I do not belong to a group - I verified this by checking my Group Memberships in RSA Authentication Manager - so the Group Name & Secret fields are both left blank.

When I then turn on the VPN, I get "No VPN shared secret was provided."

Does anyone know how to resolve this as I'm not sure how I can give the group's shared secret if I don't belong to a group in the first place?