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Thread: 3.1 Safari Issue

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    Default 3.1 Safari Issue
    I have noticed a disconcerting issue with Safari on my 3g with os's above 3.0. I have also verified this with 2 separate phones and clean restores. So far it only affects 1 site, but it happens to be the one I use the most. I check my work orders through a vpn connection to a web site at my work. On 3.0 it works fine. I started noticing the problem on one of the beta versions of 3.1. On 3.1 I can access the site, it asks for my login, then closes Safari when i hit "login"?? I have also tried this with a couple other browsers from the app store. Some it closes like it does with Safari and some won't move past the login page?? I've tried changing all the settings for safari (fraud protection, block popups etc) with no luck. Today I downgraded back to 3.0gm and I can access it just fine. Does anyone know what could have changed? Is there any way to use Safari from 3.0 on 3.1? Could it be a vpn change?? Any suggestions would be awesome!

    I might add that this is the perfect reason for Apple NOT to disallow downgrades of firmwares!
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    Well, looks like nobody else has this issue, but I did discover something interesting. Safari 4.0.2 for my PC won't access it either. IE and Firefox access it fine??? Safari (PC) just closes like Safari for my iPhone does. I have downloaded 5 other browsers from the app store and none of them will access it either.
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    Update...It's still crashing on 3.1.2??? Also on Safari for Windows ver 4.0.3 (531.9.1). It's only that page???? here's a clip from my crash log:

    Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS)
    Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x00000000
    Crashed Thread: 4

    anyone know what this means???

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