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Thread: where are the reception (drop calls) complaints?

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    Default where are the reception (drop calls) complaints?
    i have every iPhone so far on release date and i have never had an increase in reception or dropped calls. i am currently using the 3GS.

    i have been a phone geek for many years and have had a ton of phones and still today i buy new stuff to try it. i was mainly a Moto fan before the iPhone but did not limit myself to them its just that they were such a great phone company at one time (sad now).

    i see a lot of threads as we all do about missing features like MMS or a better camera or flash or etc.....however before we get to all of that where is the demand for a better radio in these things? seriously the main thing i do on my iPhone is talk on it and it by FAR the weakest link. as much as it would kill me i am getting closer and closer to just getting a phone that has great reception, gets my emails properly with function like "mark all as read" and leaving the iPhone behind.

    just so it is clear i want nothing more than to use my iPhone but i have about had it:


    1. my wife and i are both on ATT and she is using a 4 year old Pantech Duo cheapy phone and has dropped ZERO calls in the last couple months and i drop at minimum 35% of my calls. how can this be?

    answer = its the radio they use because if it was the service my wife would experience the same problems i do.

    2. i travel for work so this allows me to be sure it is just not my area which by the way is Cincinnati, OH so it is not something in the middle of nowhere. however when i am in the middle of nowhere taking back road short cuts to get a across the state of OH or MI i will no doubt get "no service" on my iphone. when i get "no service" i immediately take my sim card out of the iPhone and put it in my Moto Q global and have 3 bars. this is not a one time test i do it all the time.

    answer = its the radio they use because the Q picks up the signal just fine

    3. my wife and i travel the same stretch of highway to and from work. she can talk to me the entire trip there and back with no problems but i know a spot on the highway where i am going to loose my call every time and i alert my caller that i will call them back because i am going to drop the call.

    anyway i needed to vent because i have tested the iPhone from St. Louis to Florida and up to New York by putting my sim in other phones and i almost never have dropped a call unless i am on my iPhone and then again 35% is a light number.

    reception should be first and everything else second on the iPhone and it clearly isn't. i rarely read this anywhere but instead read about what is missing in various apps or functions other than reception.

    when i first switched from 5 years of Verizon to ATT i thought my dropped calls were ATT's fault because although i had several GSM phones in my collection that i used to hack and play around with i had never put my sim in one because i was addicted to my iPhone. it is clear now that the problem is not ATT but Apple hardware or possible the design.

    i know that design can play a part in reception as i had seen it in real life with various phones with the same radio get different reception quality.

    in order to be sure i wasn't crazy i have polled all the people i know with iPhones and its funny that although they all agree that their iPhone drops more calls than they had ever dropped in the past it doesn't seem to be an issue with them and we usually quickly move the subject to some new app or JB feature and its like the reception is just part of it.

    i played t he reception is part of it game now for a long time and i am not sure if i can do it much longer. i was on the phone with ATT customer support for an hour yesterday where i had them look at my call logs and see how many numbers where redialed right after they called or i called them to show that i wasn't crazy but that i had a lot of redials. after my call with ATT they sent me to Apple support where they offered me a new iPhone like it was a gift but its not i have one and really dont care about a new one i just want it to work.

    well there i said it and if anyone decided to read through this rant then congrats

    hopefully this new iPhone today will somehow magically improve my reception issues.
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    What a pain in the butt. I feel your frustration. You know what's strange is that like yourself I travel a bit also, I live in a mountainous area. I have been using iPhones now for almost 2 years. I'm not trying to rub it in your face but I have never once that I can remember in all that time had a dropped call. The only difference is that I am using T-Mobile as my service carrier all this time.
    It's not that I don't give your story credence as you say you can use another phone and it drops less and your friends with iPhones seem to have the same issue as you. Just saying that I guess that I have had better luck then most.

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    I don't really have many dropped calls, even when i have my jpa on it (people say those tend to mess with reception) I still dont drop.. Although, come to think of it if I take one side road around town and im on a call, it's 50/50 that call will drop there, wierd because it's fairly close to my house and I would think im on the same tower.

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