Hey all,

New poster here, and I feel bad asking for help on my first post but I'm going to do just that...

Does anyone know where the bookmarks are stored? - as I'm at the stage of wondering if I should delete this bookmark manually.

When I had my original 2G iPhone I downloaded the 2.0 toolchain via cydia. This decided to create a bookmark for a website that talks about the toolchain. I've long since stopped using the files and wanted to delete the shortcut.

If you delete the shortcut it vanishes, until anything restarts the springboard. As soon as the springboard restarts, the shortcut reappears. This is obviously stored in the backup as I'm now on a JB 3GS, on firmware 3.0 and I'm still getting the bookmark showing up no matter how many times I delete it.

Is there any reason not to find it's location, SSH in, delete what's needed manually, and see what happens? Anyone know that location? Anyone know why this keeps happening? (wondering if the file system permissions were not set correctly by cydia)...

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!