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Thread: Tethering for 2G?

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    Default Tethering for 2G?
    Hey guys, I'm a former iPhone user. The last time I used the iPhone was 2.2.1 I believe, before I switched off for a stint on the Blackberry Curve 8900. Decided to join the iPhone game again and already looked up how to jailbreak to 3.0.

    My question here is.. I see a guide on tethering with your iPhone 3G. Any way to do it with a 2G? I tether with my BB 8900 at the moment because quite frankly, my uncle (pays for the internet and hugs his router and modem at night) decided to be a **** and cap my data. So now whenever his computer is even on (despite it being idle), I will experience HUGE loss of data and my connection speed drops to a crawl and I am basically network-handicapped.

    So, once again.. to re-iterate: Is there any way to tether an iPhone 2G?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well, on edge it wont be very fast......but there are a few ways of doing it.

    I use an app called "MyWi" from RockYourPhone, which has a sub-forum on here about the app. Works perfect. Even works over bluetooth so you dont even have to plug your iphone into the computer at all (if you have a Mac, dunno if any WinPC's come w/ bluetooth)

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    Well, the Blackberry is on EDGE as well, so I guess I'm not missing out on anything. Thanks for the quick reply!

    P.S.: Is it true that Blackberry plans make the internet faster on iPhone? I used to have the 5.99 internet plan from T-Mobile when I used an iPhone last.

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    No, a blackberry plan isnt "faster".

    There are 2 types of network data speeds your iphone can run on....either "edge" or "3g" (if you have a 3g iphone)....and the speeds are dependent on the service you receive in your area. But the actual difference in a blackberry plan is only that is runs on different APN's or communicates with the network through different servers....same network though, which means same speed.

    The internet can seem to load faster on a blackberry cause the browser doesnt handle as much as the browser on an iphone which loads alot more images and whatnot....which takes longer.
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    Hm.. that's too bad. Thanks anyway.

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