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Thread: *HELP* 3GS cannot use camera, photos, or messaging

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    Default *HELP* 3GS cannot use camera, photos, or messaging
    Ok, big problem here.

    This morning, I was browsing some forums on my 3GS. I saw a hilarious picture, so I decided to save it to my phone.

    This is the picture in question. As you can see, it's pretty darn big. I got quite a chuckle out of it, so I decided to MMS it to a friend. I enabled MMS using SBs IPCC the other day. Worked like a charm.

    Here's where it gets sticky.

    In the photos app, none of the pictures were clear. They were all blurry. It froze, so I killed the process.

    I tried respringing, but then the photos weren't working anymore. I tried the camera app, it didn't work either. When I tried to reboot through sbsettings, it froze. When I manually restarted the phone, I turned off all mobile substrate extensions. Still nothing worked.

    I went back into the messaging app and tried to MMS again. I used a regular sized image this time that I saved from the web. Still blurry. When I hit "choose" the thing froze as well. So I killed the process.

    In short, trying to MMS a huge image killed my photos, camera, and messaging app.

    What do I do?

    Nevermind, figured it out.
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    I had a problem that I couldn't send out or recieve mms one time. I ended up deleting my SMS directory and my dcim directory and Then reload SMS and camera, to rebuild the directory and data base and it fixed everything. But you end up loosing all your SMS and photo. Make sure to backup what you delete if you decide to try it.

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    I found that attempting a restore to 3.0 (which obviously failed) corrected the issue for me. Now my camera and messaging apps work again.

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