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Thread: Going to buy the 3GS Adviced wanted.

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    Default Going to buy the 3GS Adviced wanted.
    Like the thread title says, I'm going to buy a 3GS.

    I was looking around on the AT&T website and found a 16GB iPhone 3gs for $200! I couldn't believe what I was seeing, so I called up my local AT&T store, and they say you can Terminate your contract for $175 and problably the bill for that month. (I'm going to change it to the lowest features possible.) so about $210? maybe more not sure, I'd like someone who has done something like this before to tell me how it went for them, and wether you bought your iphone online or from a store, and lastly after you have everything paid for and no subscription, I imagine you will still be locked, what disadvantages are there to staying locked? I don't plan on getting into any cellphone agreements, I simply would like and iPhone without the phone parts. If you have any experience in this department that would be great. lastly I do pay attention to the news on this site frequently however, was there ever anything saying iPhone 3GS was jailbreakable, or unlockable? thanks for your time -Jo

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    Depends on the FW it comes loaded with.

    And after you go through the trouble of signing a contract then cancelling....etc, etc. etc.....

    After purchasing the phone, paying taxes, at least 1 months service, early termination fee,'ll spend approx. $500 or so.

    Or, simply buy one off ebay for around $600 well worth not going through all that crap in my opinion.

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    ^ I agree. eBay or craigs

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