Hey everybody, thanks for looking. I recently added and configured 3 new things on my iphone 2g/3.0.
1: activatemms2g and configured to allow for high quality with
2: tmobile carrier package, and
3: quickscroll from cydia

Then this morning i ended a call and the status bar started bugging out and looked like the clock/carrier etc. was moving and was doubled or something. And now the area of the screen where the top row of icons is dead/non responsive in the springboard and in apps.

I did the touch sensitivity hack and put the option on the bottom too and this allowed me to drop down my sbsettings menu and add cydia to the dock. I then uninstalled the stuff i added in order and with a reboot after each, to no avail.

I know this usually means you need a new screen/digitizer, but whats weird is that when Im in an app or menu with buttons on top of screen, i.e. like to create a new message or edit, or the install button in cydia, those buttons work. But on springboard or in apps/games/keyboard that area is non responsive. In the full keyboard the I, J, N buttons work but O, K, M, L and the delete button dont. Which is weird because the delete button is on the same level just a little over from the create message button which works.

My question is: Has anyone noticed any conflicts with any of these things? Or maybe had something similar happened to you?
Do you think this will be fixed with a complete reinstall/jailbreak? My hope is that its some how a software conflict, but im hesitant to just reset the phone if its still going to be dead in that area of the screen anyway.

Sorry for my long message, and thanks. Any insight or help would be SO Apreciated.