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Thread: 3.1 Genius monitoring App usage?

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    Default 3.1 Genius monitoring App usage?
    This seems strange to me but did I read this right that IF you enable the Genius for your apps, Apple will keep track of anonymous usage of what apps you use the most and the least and make recommendations to you. A stupid question i raised was. Does this mean Cydia apps might get a monitoring treatment as well? While I somehow do not think that would be possible could that be a way to be sneaky about it? I mean sure what's apple going to do remote delete Cydia apps (Provided you didn't turnoff app kill)

    I think i'm thinking into it way too much and I should just get back to work...

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    well, I guess it would be possible. Though, as far as I understood it, the appstore genius thingy only tracks what you bought/installed, not what you are actually using, is it?

    in any case, if they wanted to check for installed cydia apps, they could have done long ago, so I wouldn't worry too much

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    I know for the most part Cydia apps are in their own world anyway. But I always keep that tinfoil hat close by sometimes, more so lately the way Apple has been...LOL i gave up on the idea that they will look for jailbreakers with googlemaps and the location services, even though i turn that on and off still just in case

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    Noob here, posting the T&C's for the Appstore Genius feature:

    Quote Originally Posted by Apple
    When you opt-in to the Genius for Apps feature by touching the “Agree” icon below, Apple will, from time to time, automatically collect information related to the applications on your device, such as your time spent with each application and the number of times each application is launched. This information will be stored anonymously and not associated with your name or iTunes account. When you use the Genius for Apps feature, Apple will use this information, as well as other information, such as your application download history, to give personalized recommendations to you.

    Apple may use this information and combine it with aggregated information from other users who opt-in to this feature, your iTunes Store purchase history data, your App Store download data, aggregated application download data from other users, and other information like customer ratings of applications, to:

    • Provide you with App recommendations regarding applications, media, and other products and services that you may wish to purchase, download, or use.

    • Provide recommendations to other users.

    At all times your information will be treated in accordance with Apple’s Customer Privacy Policy which can be viewed at: Apple - Apple Customer Privacy Policy.

    Once you opt-in to the Genius feature, you will be able to create Genius recommendations on that device.

    If you would prefer we not collect and use information from your device in this manner, you should not enable the Genius feature. You can revoke your opt-in choice at any time by turning off the Genius feature from the App Store Account page on your device. If you have elected to share Genius for Apps information from multiple devices, you need to turn off the Genius feature from each device.
    The way I read it is that the information they collect could potentially be inclusive of JB app usage, however it is explicitly noted that the info is NOT associated to your iTunes account or your name.

    Looking at it another way, JB app usage data isn't useful for the Genius feature since these apps aren't on the appstore. Only useful for their own spying purposes. So, most likely not worth collecting.

    Hope this is helpful to some
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