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Thread: Cant Seem to Restore...HELP!!!

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    Default Cant Seem to Restore...HELP!!!
    I'm trying to restore my iPhone 3G but am having computer will not recognize the phone. neither itunes nor windows xp will see my iphone. the weird thing is, when i try to put into DFU mode (phone off, hold home button, plug in usb cable) the apple logo appears then it goes to the connect to itunes it goes into DFU mode but never makes it any further because it doesnt get recognized....Please Help!!!

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    Try closing iTunes completely and launching it again. If that doesn't work, reboot your computer. Don't put your phone in DFU mode each time that happens because you'll waste more time than you need to. lol It happens to me every now and then. iTunes occasionally won't recognize my iPhone or iPod is plugged in. I just close iTunes and open it back up. That usually works. If it doesn't, I reboot my computer and that always works.
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    first of all: when you see the itunes logo, this is NOT dfu mod, it's recovery mode. you might wanna try dfu mode when everything else fails (there are tons of tutorials on google), dfu mode should always work.

    secondly: try to switch the iphone off and then connect it to itunes, normally itunes should recognize an iphone or ipod in recovery mode then. if that doesn't work, try the same thing with the dfu mode

    oh: be sure to try different usb ports and not to use any usb-hub or connect the iphone to the usb ports on your keyboard or stuff like that. that might file. directly connect it to the computer

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