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Thread: Which is better? Plantronics Discovery 975 or the Jawbone Prime?

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    Default Which is better? Plantronics Discovery 975 or the Jawbone Prime?
    Which of these 2 headsets is better for noise cancelling?

    I've played around with both the last week to see which one I'll buy and which I'll return back to bestbuy.

    The jawbone prime is by far the most uncomfortable headset I've ever used. I can wear it for 1 hr, but after that, I have to take it off, massage my poor ears and put it back on.

    The plantronics Discovery 975 is probably the most comfortable headset, and it sits securely without making my ears sore.

    I've tested the noise cancelling of each headset by blasting various music in my car with the windows rolled up while talking. so far, the people on the other end have had similar responses about how clear my voice is coming through.

    I keep reading online reviews for both headsets, and it seems these professional reviews all point to the jawbone having better noise cancellation.

    I'm now split on which I should keep. Noise cancellation is really important to me, but the plantronics headset just sounds much less robot-like on my end listening to callers. I guess the 20 automatic EQ settings on the 975 probably helps it, and the jawbone just sounds like a cheap headset.

    Plantronics 975:
    1. Better incoming sound quality
    2. Charging case is kinda cool
    3. it fits in my ear really well
    4. Supposed to have mediocre noise/wind resistance...
    Reviews about bad noise cancellation

    Jawbone Prime:
    1. Supposed to have better noise cancellation (I probably have to test it some more)
    2. Supposed to have better wind resistance
    3. It's slightly cheaper (I can get one for around $80 online)

    Help? I'm throwing down $130, I want to invest it correctly.
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