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Thread: iPhone 3g WiFi Problem (This one is different than the rest)

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    Default iPhone 3g WiFi Problem (This one is different than the rest)
    Hey guys, I just recently got a new 16gb 3g iPhone and it's jailbroken + unlocked. (3.0) My WiFi worked perfectly fine until one day, I turned on my iPhone and my Wifi stopped working. I could see the wifi name with full connection but I just couldn't connect to it. (Unable to connect) I went to the mall today and I used their wifi and I connected easily. (So that rules out any hardware issue?)

    What I have done so far
    -Resetted Network Settings
    -Resetted Router
    -Tried it on another wifi connection, it works.
    -Used my brother's jailbroken 3g iPhone (3.0) to connect to my router and it works perfectly fine.
    -Tried forgetting network and reconnecting

    I don't want to try restoring my phone yet. I'm afraid it still can't connect to wifi thus I can't unlock it.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Haha. Your phone just doesn't like your router

    Try forgetting the network and then connecting to it.
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    Oh, forgot to put that in the "what I've done so far"

    Sadly, it didn't work. Thanks!

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    Try putting your router in totally OPEN mode.
    No Password/Encryption and SSID Visible. Change SSID of the Router network + Change the channel.
    That will make the Network "appear as a new one" - then once connected add PW/Encryption.
    Do hope that helps


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