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Thread: Battery life :(

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    Default Battery life :(
    I just got a used 2G iphone from ebay. It is an upgrade from my ipod touch. I immediately jailbroke and unlocked the device. However, my battery life is just plain bad. I can only make it (maybe) 12 hours on lock, with wifi, blutooth, 3G, and email push turned off. Is this normal?

    Another thing to note: It has been not on hold/lock for about 1 hour since my last charge. However, my usage reads just over 4 hours, and 9 hours standby.

    Thanks for your help.

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    How does your 2G iPhone have 3G!?!
    Anyways... try restoring and setting up as new.
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    2G phone with 3G on?
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    If restore does not help the situation - buy a new battery. ~48h on lock is normal (still very poor tbts)
    Do hope that helps


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    Thanks everyone. I restored and my battery life is great (about 10 times what it was). However, I have not reinstalled my fav Cydia apps or put music back on the phone. I will update when I do that.

    Also, about the 3g on my 2g phone: no, I am not magic I simply disabled the 3g option in sbsettings even though I figured it wouldn't matter.

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    If you want to save battery life by disabling your network internet (edge), do that instead of 3G

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