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Thread: 3G Unrestrictor Broke My Data Settings

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    Question 3G Unrestrictor Broke My Data Settings
    Hi all,

    I love 3G Unrestrictor till this thing happened. My Edge was working fine. I was in the middle of a Skype call and it froze so I pressed the Home button. After that I tried Safari and it gave me 'Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet'. I did not have wi-fi the whole time.

    I tried other apps and they couldn't connect. So it seems like after the Skype crash, 3G Unrestrictor messed up my data settings and made ALL apps into thinking that they are on wi-fi. I removed 3G Unrestrictor and rebooted but it didn't work. Does this mean I have to re-jailbreak?

    Has anyone else experience the same thing? Please let me know if there are other solutions than re-jailbreaking cause it's a pain. Thanks!

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    Try Settings/General/Network/Reset - possibly that will avoid a restore
    (You will need to key in all WiFi PWs, if any, again)
    Do hope that helps


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    how annoying,

    Good luck
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