My mom recently got her iPhone 3GS and had to return it because the sound quality during calls were terrible (lots of static). She got a new one in exchange for the old one but when restoring it on iTunes from the last phones backup it apparently appears to be bricked. At first attemp to restore it failed but went straight to syncing. Syncing was succesful but then when synced again it says error and that a folder was specified not a file or vice versa. When reconnecting the iPhone it asks to setup as new or restore. No luck on restore, kept getting "The iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored. An unknown error occured (13)." message. When choosing set up as new option this whole thing starts again. Now the phone wont even boot all the way, stays at plug and iTunes pic. Plz help, heres a report from my last attempt to restore. Its not jailbroken just in case u wanna know.