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Thread: redsnow causing battery drain?

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    Default redsnow causing battery drain?
    hi there,
    ever since I got my iPhone 3GS about 4 weeks ago, I've been having major battery drainage issues. Before taking it to apple, I tested around a lot to maybe find the reason for it.
    I finally found it: It's redsn0w. My iPhone runs fine until I run redsn0w. After that it causes severe battery drain (which means something in the area between 5 and 10% per hour in standby).

    Any ideas? fixes? whatsoever? I tried restoring not from backup and not syncing anything on it, it doesn't help.
    Only thing I COULD try is purplerain, but even if it would work: When 3.1 comes out there will be no alternative to the tools from the dev team (which served me very well in the past!).
    I thought someone might have an idea what I could do to solve this.
    And I think not every 3GS out there is affected by this, am I right?


    PS: Since I need to unlock my phone I depend on a jailbreak.
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    been having a battery drain problem myself but only for the past couple of days, 10% an hour loss. how did you find out it was red snow?

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    I simply tested it. I restored my iphone, charged it to 100% and let it lie there. after over seven hours it still said 100%. I then charged it again until the iphone said it was fully charged, ran redsn0w on it, and let it lie there again. after two hours it was at 97%

    I'm doing another test right now to be absolutly sure. That means I just restored and I'm currently charging to 100%. Then I will let it lie around for about 5 hours, then I will apply redsn0w and do the same. If the result is the same, we can pretty much be sure it's redsn0w. I will then try purplerain on 3.0 and see if that helps, though I would really like to stick with the dev team.

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