Hi all. I'm running on iPhone 3gS. Version 3.0. I jailbroke with purple rain, I have winterboard, 3g unrestricter, your tube, bossprefs, bosspaper. I use glass orb icons and Inav abstract theme it came with iblank, which I don't use and it came with categories which I don't use. When I try to delete I blank or categories it stops my rotating inav wallpaper theme so I just keep them. When I run out of power or when I shut down and then power back up my springboard crashes. I restart in safe mode and everything seems ok. When it first happend, I had 5 icon dock and 5 column installed. I uninstalled both of them but it happend again when I powered down. If I power down and power back up right away, it's fine. It's when I stay powered down for 5 or more minutes and then try to power back up I get the crash. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? I've done a search here for fixes, but the posts I saw were from like a month ago and it was for when the springboard was crashing randomly. Mine is only when I power down for a while and power back up.
Thanks in advance for help.